As some of you may know, I have been for about a week now in Bangkok, Thailand.

The flight from Bali to Thailand was amazing, I got 2 meals and had 3 chairs for myself, so I could just lay down and sleep. When arriving, I did not know what was happening, as I was used to the latin alphabet from Bali. The entire language and writing was totally different from what I was used to and expected to be in the country.

I had heard from other students, that arrived already before me, that traffic could be insane. I mean, the traffic on Bali was already insane, but after a few days in Bangkok, I get what they meant. Some of the students were in a traffic jam for 8 km from the airport to the apartments, for 2 hours. So when I heard that, I could only pray that we would not get into a traffic jam, since the airport I was arriving on, was further away. This time we were lucky.

On our first day of uni, we were introduced to a massive university, PIM. Our uni basically has 5 buildings, all with 3 floors and one with 16 (I guess) floors. The uni even has a swimming pool, a gym and a tennis court!!

Sounds amazing right? Well the sad thing is that I have a lot of school hours the upcoming weeks. So you won’t find me there a lot.

Anyway, before we got a tour through the campus, we were introduced to the Thai culture by Thai language class and Thai dance class. The Thai language is quite hard for me, but it is useful to know some words, because a lot of Thai do not (or barely) speak English. After the Thai language class, we had to choose whether we wanted to drum or dance. I choose the traditional dancing, which was still pretty hard, but once you got used to it, it was fine. In the end, we had to dance on the drum music of the drum group.

The next couple of days basically excisted of going to uni, studying, sporting and sleeping. This was due to the long days we had. However, today we had a fieldtrip to Ayutthaya, which was the capital of Thailand before it came into a war. After the war, the city was destroyed and the country had to assign another city as capital, which is now Bangkok. We visited some ruin temples, a big laying Buddha, of which I cannot publish a picture since it cannot go out of the country for bad spirits, and a royal palace. In most of these places, you had to were a sarong, in others you did not. Whenever it was not necessary, I was so glad, since it was way too hot this day.

Tomorrow I am going to the city centre of Bangkok to explore the city I live in. I am really excited and I know for sure that fun things are coming up!


Hey everybody!

I’m Nathalie, 19 years old and living in The Netherlands. I am currently a Tourism student at Stenden University. My two biggest passions, fashion and traveling, will be featured on my blog. Thank you for visiting !

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