Violet Hamden

‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’

That’s what they say right? Well I definitely agree with this quote.  As you might have seen in previous blogposts or on my Instagram page, I looove watches. They are a great accessory and it is very useful (only if you don’t use your mobile phone to check the time and date).

Today I received a new watch from Violet Hamden. Violet Hamden exists for a conscious lifestyle. They want you to live your life and create memories. Currently, they have two collections, the Nowness collectiona and the Day & Night collection. Furthermore, they created a jewelry collection in which you can find several minimalistic bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These are perfect to combine with your watch. If you prefer some variety from time to time, these bracelets are interchangeable.

When you purchase a Violet Hamden, you will receive a watch (obviously). However, the watch comes with a journal in which you  can write your own stories. Just like they describe on their website ‘ You cannot catch time, we think back to a certain feeling, memory or a dream. Be aware at what time you get up in the morning, when you perform your rituals, when you meet new friends, and when you explore the world.’

Furthermore, when I hear Violet Hamden, I hear quality. The watches are hand-made by specialised watch makers with passion for their job. The quality of the material is very well. Moreover, the jewellery has been made perfect in every detail. And above all, it is fashionable and payable!

The watch I retreived was from the Nowness collection, the Nowness Rose Evening Rosegold. This collection features 7 watches. Furthermore, this collection consist of 4 different colours mesh bands. The watches of this collection are shown below. 

The Day & Night collection features 23 watches, it features 6 different colours of leather bands. The Day & Night collection shows elegance.

Currently, they have 2 kinds of bracelets, the moon and stones bracelet in either silver or gold. As shown on the pictures, I retreived the moon and stones bracelet in silver with my watch.

As said before, I chose for the Nowness Rose Evening Rosegold watch since I already own a silver watch and I was doubting before between the silver and the rosegold watch. Therefore, my decision was easily made. Furthermore, the watch shows class and fits to a huge part of my wardrobe. Thus, I find it easily to combine the watch with my clothing. The watch is lightweighted and very minimalistic, which I really love. Furthermore, the watch and bracelets come with a beautiful box with the company’s name on it. When I don’t wear the watch, I always attempt to put it back in the box.

In case you want to see and try the watch first, you can go to your local Brandfield store in Amsterdam or Groningen to discover the beauty of Violet Hamden. Of course, you can also shop them online exclusively at Brandfield or at the official Violet Hamden website.