The Gilis

Life goes on in paradise 2.0, the Gili islands of Lombok.

On Friday morning we went suuuper early to the Gili islands. Since the drive to Padang Bai was about 1,5 hours and the boat trip as well, we arrived at 11 only. When arriving, I saw the brightest sea ever. It was so clear blue. I fell in love.

After getting of the boat, we had to find ourselves a cab. Or well, a horse. There were no cars or any other electronic vehicles on the island. So we went by horse to our hotel. We changed clothing, and went to the beautiful beach to chill.

On the second day of the Gilis we were planning to cycle, so that’s what we did. We cycled throughout the island and found some amazing spots. We had lunch and chilled at the beach.

Because all of the Gili islands have turtle points, we became super excited to see some turtles. This is why we went on a snorkling trip to all of the islands to spot turtles. The turtles were amazing and at a moment you could really swim with them for a couple of meters. It was incredible.

Basically all we did on the Gili islands was just chilling and checking out the island. It had such a great vibe and it truly was one of the most beautiful islands I have seen in my life.

Details: the dresses I am wearing are both from Goldust Bali, pink bikini is from Elsa and Rose and the pink bikini top with yellow bottom is from Triangl. The sport wear is from Stronger and the shorts are from Levis.

Ku De Ta

I know I haven’t posted in a while, due to some illness. Don’t worry,  I am not dying, I just had a head ache and had the feeling of throwing up all the time. Fortunately, I am feeling a lot better and I remembered that I did not post anything about last weekend yet.

Last weekend I went to my third Beach Club, this time in Kuta, called Ku De Ta. This Beach Club was smaller than the other ones I have been here in Bali. But I liked it. It was smaller and more relaxed. They had great food over there. Besides, they have the best ice coffee of the island, I am in love. It was the salted caramel ice coffee and it was sooo good. I would come back just for the ice coffee already.

Anyway, this day was just a relaxing day and I have to say I got a great tan already!

In the upcoming few days, a friend of mine will come and visit me, and we will visit some awasome places!


Dreamland Beach and Surfing

Last weekend I decided to stay home and just lay in bed a little, because I was feeling sick. On sunday I felt a lot better already so we decided to go to the beach. Then the question comes, what beach? Right, the east part of the island is a prohibited zone since the volcano Agung is about the errupt. Furthermore, the North and the West part of the island takes a long ride. So why not go to the South to Dreamland Beach? We saw on pictures that the beach had a clear blue sea and a white sand.

When arriving at Dreamland Beach, we had to go with a small bus to the Beach. As seen on the pictures, the beach had a clear blue sea and white sand. However, what we could not see was that the waves were that big…

So we decided to first have lunch. Here at Dreamland Beach Warung I had the best nachos of the island. They were so good (I still prefer the nachos in The Netherlands, but still, NACHOS).  After lunch, we layed down in the sand and went into the water. Of course, me as optimistic as I am got stuck in a wave and hurt myself pretty bad.. I think I had open  wounds at at least 5 different places. So yes, I did not go into the water again.. So we started walking around and there was this cute dog trying to jump over the waves and I joined him and it was so adorable.

The next day I wanted to go surfing in the morning, but our surf instructor told us that the waves were too big, becausee of the weather in the night. Finally we went surfing in the afternoon around 2pm. And for those who know me, I have been excited about it for ages!

My surf instructor first showed me how I had to stand on the board and to peddle etc. It seemed pretty easy. When going into the water, I think I finally stood after 3 times. it was so much fun catching waves and I really really want to do it again soon!




Most of you knew that I was going to travel to Bali in the beginning of September. Last friday I started my journey to the other side of the world.

We traveled to the airport by car, with my mom, stepdad and boyfriend. The farewell was awful. My mom and I had both tears in our eyes. When I finally came to the tax free zone, I had to go immediately to the gate, because within a few minutes it would open.  When arriving to my seat, a window-view one, I got a blanket, a pillow, some ear plugs and socks. I was amazed of what we all got. Anyway, the flight was horrible, I only slept for a couple hours and could not really do something, so it was just waiting to arrive. 

After the stopover at Jakarta I finally arrived in Bali. Luckily, all my luggage was ok. When getting out of the drop off, there was a man with a name tag waiting for me. He brought me to the hotel we are staying at. I was so amazed of how the Balinese handle traffic. The roads are overly full and there are barely any rules for driving. When I got to the hotel I started to freshen up a little and then we went for dinner in a steakhouse across the road.

The next day we went to a beach club in Seminyak, called Potato Head. It has this great infinity pool and a great view.

Right now I am in my hotel room, waiting till it’s time for dinner.