Natures beauty

On my semi-last day in Bali, we went to the Kanto Lampo, a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the island. Because the waterfall had different layers stone, you could actually stand and sit in the middle of the waterfall, what created lots of beautiful pictures.

The waterfall was rather hard to find, but when we got there, it was worth it. There was even this man that wanted to be our photographer, and of course he could.

After we climbed on the Kanto Lampo, there was another waterfall if you walked a little further through the river. This waterfall looked totally different and you could not sit/stand in it. However, there was this lian close to the waterfall and I really really wanted to sit on it. The only thing was, how do I get up there? After standing on the shoulders of a friend of mine, and trying some other things, he was able to pull the lian a little down, so i could hold it and climb on it. It was amazing, and it is incredible how strong those things are.

After the waterfall, we went to a Buddha to Buddha store closeby, and we had dinner in Da Mare, which was so beautiful and really good !!

Turtles, rice fields, chocolate factory

After I swam next to a turtle, I was dying to see some more turtles. However, we were already back in Bali, so we decided to visit the turtle conservation in Serangan. I loved the place and the fact that it was just charity. We got a tour throughout the conservation, and our guide told us everything from the beginning till the end. There were even turtles who were saved from the black market, which had an amazing shell btw. All of the turtles (except the land turtles) were held in big water reserves. All of the turtles will get released as  soon as they are cured or big enough to take care of themselves in the ocean.

Eventually, our guide asked us if we wanted to release a baby turtle, and of course, I couldn’t say no. They were so cute. We got to choose our own turtle, and take it out of the reserve and put it in a little bucket. It was sad to see that they were bumping their head the entire time to the bucket, but at least they would get released soon. We drove to the beach and there we could release our babies. Mine, which I called after myself since I did not know a name that fast, was super slow and did not want to walk to the water. However, when the waves were big enough and cought the turtle, it swam a little bit closer towards the sea. After about 10 minutes little Nathalie was gone into the ocean.

After the turtle conservation we went back home and prepared for our appointment at the Spa, which was super relaxing.

The next day we planned on going to the Tegalalang rice fields and a waterfall. Sadly, when we were almost at the rice fields, it started raining. Luckily, our Uber had an umberella which we could use. The rice fields were amazing and you could really see the terraces. Also, we saw a loewak, an animal of which his poop is used to create the most expensive coffee worldwide. The animal seemed quite weird and I did not even know that it existed. We walked through the rice fields for a while and fortunately it had stopped raining.

After the rice fields,  it started raining again, so after checking the weather forecast we decided to skip the waterfall and to go to a chocolate factory. Both destinations were quite far away from each other so we hoped that the rain would still stop. When we finally got to the factory, we were quite surprised. The first animal we saw was an elephant, after that I saw a wild monkey. Eventually, there were also bears, geese and a toucan. This man led us towards the chocolate factory, which was kind of a disappointment since I expected a huge factory. In fact, the factory was just about 20 square meters. However, they did have a shop where we could taste all of their chocolate, and it was truly delicious!!

After we went to the chocolate factory we went checking out the animals. First we went to the bears, which was one baby and one bigger one. When I normally visit a zoo, the bears barely move. Consequently, here they did move a lot, which was so much fun to see. Later, we visited the elephants, they had a lot, even 2 babies. They even took out a baby and its mom for us so we could feed it and pet it. It was soo cute and it just wanted to play with you.

When we left the chocolate factory and its’ animals, there was not really enough time left to go to the waterfall. However, I still want to visit the waterfall, and I am definitely going to.

The Gilis

Life goes on in paradise 2.0, the Gili islands of Lombok.

On Friday morning we went suuuper early to the Gili islands. Since the drive to Padang Bai was about 1,5 hours and the boat trip as well, we arrived at 11 only. When arriving, I saw the brightest sea ever. It was so clear blue. I fell in love.

After getting of the boat, we had to find ourselves a cab. Or well, a horse. There were no cars or any other electronic vehicles on the island. So we went by horse to our hotel. We changed clothing, and went to the beautiful beach to chill.

On the second day of the Gilis we were planning to cycle, so that’s what we did. We cycled throughout the island and found some amazing spots. We had lunch and chilled at the beach.

Because all of the Gili islands have turtle points, we became super excited to see some turtles. This is why we went on a snorkling trip to all of the islands to spot turtles. The turtles were amazing and at a moment you could really swim with them for a couple of meters. It was incredible.

Basically all we did on the Gili islands was just chilling and checking out the island. It had such a great vibe and it truly was one of the most beautiful islands I have seen in my life.

Details: the dresses I am wearing are both from Goldust Bali, pink bikini is from Elsa and Rose and the pink bikini top with yellow bottom is from Triangl. The sport wear is from Stronger and the shorts are from Levis.

Jungle vibes

The last couple of days have been very busy for me, a friend of mine is visiting me in Bali, which is amazing. She arrived on Thursday early morning. On her first day here, I showed her Canggu beach and tried to teach her how to surf. However, I found it pretty hard this time too, due to the fact that I couldn’t stand in the water and I did not have the arm power to catch waves that well.

On the second day, we visited the Tanah Lot temple. I really loved the temple, since is was surrounded by the sea. Unfortunately, we could not get into the temple. Some say it is because there are snakes inside of it. But who knows.

The next day, we planned going to Jungle Fish, which is a beach club without beach, in the middle of the jungle. Right, of course with an infinity pool looking over the jungle. On my surprise, it was quite calm and relax over there, I expected that there would be a lot of people. Thankfully, this wasn’t the truth. This day we just chilled in the middle of the jungle. How cool is that?

About today, I went rafting in Ubud. Normally, I would not really go rafting, because I would get afraid way too fast. However, it was not scary at all. It was fun and we could see a lot of the beautiful nature of Bali.

On Friday I am going to visit the Gili Islands, and I am sooo excited!!


Wondering what Jungle Fish really looks like? See the pictures below:

Hotspot: Cafe Organic Bali

Yesterday I went back to Canggu, where all the healthy food cafes are located. We settled in Cafe Organic Bali, of which you might have heard. I expected the place to be a little bigger than it actually was, but that did not say that the food would not be that good.

When we found a spot, we settled down. Looking at the menu, I did not know what I wanted to order, there were so many healthy recipes. However, I was craving a smoothie bowl for days, so I choose the Acai Coco. Which was soooo delisious!! Plus they had Ice coffee so I was super happy with this cafe. The sad thing was only that they did not have the caramel for the coffee, and as anyone who knows me knows, I love sweet coffee. Well uhm, basically everything sweet.

After lunch we walked around in  Canggu, where we found a small market with local products. It was lovely. Next, we went to some other shops to end up at the beach.

When you’re looking for a healthy spot in Bali, you should really look around in Canggu.

Ku De Ta

I know I haven’t posted in a while, due to some illness. Don’t worry,  I am not dying, I just had a head ache and had the feeling of throwing up all the time. Fortunately, I am feeling a lot better and I remembered that I did not post anything about last weekend yet.

Last weekend I went to my third Beach Club, this time in Kuta, called Ku De Ta. This Beach Club was smaller than the other ones I have been here in Bali. But I liked it. It was smaller and more relaxed. They had great food over there. Besides, they have the best ice coffee of the island, I am in love. It was the salted caramel ice coffee and it was sooo good. I would come back just for the ice coffee already.

Anyway, this day was just a relaxing day and I have to say I got a great tan already!

In the upcoming few days, a friend of mine will come and visit me, and we will visit some awasome places!


Dreamland Beach and Surfing

Last weekend I decided to stay home and just lay in bed a little, because I was feeling sick. On sunday I felt a lot better already so we decided to go to the beach. Then the question comes, what beach? Right, the east part of the island is a prohibited zone since the volcano Agung is about the errupt. Furthermore, the North and the West part of the island takes a long ride. So why not go to the South to Dreamland Beach? We saw on pictures that the beach had a clear blue sea and a white sand.

When arriving at Dreamland Beach, we had to go with a small bus to the Beach. As seen on the pictures, the beach had a clear blue sea and white sand. However, what we could not see was that the waves were that big…

So we decided to first have lunch. Here at Dreamland Beach Warung I had the best nachos of the island. They were so good (I still prefer the nachos in The Netherlands, but still, NACHOS).  After lunch, we layed down in the sand and went into the water. Of course, me as optimistic as I am got stuck in a wave and hurt myself pretty bad.. I think I had open  wounds at at least 5 different places. So yes, I did not go into the water again.. So we started walking around and there was this cute dog trying to jump over the waves and I joined him and it was so adorable.

The next day I wanted to go surfing in the morning, but our surf instructor told us that the waves were too big, becausee of the weather in the night. Finally we went surfing in the afternoon around 2pm. And for those who know me, I have been excited about it for ages!

My surf instructor first showed me how I had to stand on the board and to peddle etc. It seemed pretty easy. When going into the water, I think I finally stood after 3 times. it was so much fun catching waves and I really really want to do it again soon!



Nusa islands

This weekend was my first trip to another island of Indonesia, or well, other islands. I visted 3 islands in the weekend, Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida. All of the islands are located just under Bali.

The first day we traveled after class to Nusa Lembogan, where we stayed the night. The next morning we went snorkeling at 7.30 and guess what, we saw wild dolphins!! We wanted to go snorkeling with mantas, however, we could not find them so we went to crystal bay. We saw some beautiful fishes.

After the snorkeling we rent scooters and went to the other island. At least that was our intention, we got lost on Nusa Lembogan. After asking other tourists, we found the yellow bridge which connects both islands. On Nusa Ceningan we had lunch (a smoothie bowl of course). Next we toured around the island and went to some beautiful beaches.

In the evening we traveled to the other island, Nusa Penida. Here we rented scooters the next day as well. Unfortunately, one of us got a flat tire in the middle of the jungle. We had no connection with our phones. After about one hour 2 boys of 14 or so helped us to get to a repairer. Then we went to another beach which was soo amazing.

The last day on the island we asked the hotel owner if he could bring us around to the hotspots. Here we went to the Kelingking beach (with the famous dinosaur) and to broken beach which has a nature made infinity pool. The roads to these places were shitty and we were sitting with the six of us in the back of a pick-up car. But it was a great day I promise you that (:


Finns Beach Club

Today we went to our second beach club, named Finns. The sun was shining, it was 30 degrees and we were on the beach. How great is life?

Finns Beach Club is located in Canggu and has just like Potato Head an infinity pool. It was so beautiful. We had a double bed between the beach and the infinity pool. We could see the surfers catching waves, while the vacationers were enjoying a drink in the water.  Furthermore, the music was so relaxing. In this place, I had my first real coconut, with the water and everything. I have to admit, it is not really my thing.

After we went to Finns Beach Club, we had dinner in a place close to Finns, named Panama. The building looked like a basic Santorini house, while the back yard looked like the typical American back yard. They had this round pool with the striped beach chairs.

After dinner I went (for the first time) with the scooter taxi. I was scared at first, but I am glad I did it. I saw so much from the island.

Tomorrow I am going to 2 small islands underneath Bali, called Nusa Lembogang and Nusa Peridan (I think). And it has this great blue water.  I am so excited to stay there for the weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Pura Tirta Empul

Yesterday we went to a temple, close to Ubud which is about a 1 hour drive from Denpasar. This temple, called the Pura Tirta Empul (Water Temple), was fantastic. The rare thing is that it is still in use. You could see people praying and going into the holy spring.

The temple has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2012 and the inscription reads:

”The Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: The Subak System as a manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy, consist of Supreme Water Temple Pura Ulun Danu Batur and Lake Batur, Subak Landscape of Pakerisan Watershed, Subak Landscape of Catur Angga Batukaru, and Royal Temple of Taman Ayun has been inscribed upon the World Heritage List of the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Inscription on this List confirms the outstanding universal value of a cultural or natural property which deserves protection for the benefit of all humanity.”

Furthermore, they had strict rules if you wanted to enter the temple. Starting with the fact that everybody had to wear a sarong (as you can see on the pictures, I am wearing one as well). It was prohibited to wear shorts as well. Moreover, as a girl I had to tie my hair, and I could not enter the temple if I was on my period. Of course, it was not allowed to enter the temple wet, and to climb on the holy buildings.

At the exit of the temple, there were multiple small markets in which you could buy traditional clothing or souvenirs. Here I bought my own sarong. Afterwards, we went to the city of Ubud to have lunch.