Most of you knew that I was going to travel to Bali in the beginning of September. Last friday I started my journey to the other side of the world.

We traveled to the airport by car, with my mom, stepdad and boyfriend. The farewell was awful. My mom and I had both tears in our eyes. When I finally came to the tax free zone, I had to go immediately to the gate, because within a few minutes it would open.  When arriving to my seat, a window-view one, I got a blanket, a pillow, some ear plugs and socks. I was amazed of what we all got. Anyway, the flight was horrible, I only slept for a couple hours and could not really do something, so it was just waiting to arrive. 

After the stopover at Jakarta I finally arrived in Bali. Luckily, all my luggage was ok. When getting out of the drop off, there was a man with a name tag waiting for me. He brought me to the hotel we are staying at. I was so amazed of how the Balinese handle traffic. The roads are overly full and there are barely any rules for driving. When I got to the hotel I started to freshen up a little and then we went for dinner in a steakhouse across the road.

The next day we went to a beach club in Seminyak, called Potato Head. It has this great infinity pool and a great view.

Right now I am in my hotel room, waiting till it’s time for dinner.