Exploring Bangkok

I know, I know, I haven’t written anything about my trip to the city centre of Bangkok last week, but here it finally is!

So last weekend we went for the first time to the city centre of my new hometown, Bangkok. We visited a local market (of which I don’t have any pictures). The market basically sold everything, from jewellery, to makeup to clothing, to shoes, to suitcases. You name it, and they had it. However, if you went there with a specific purpose, you might had to look for a couple of hours. The place was massive. I think there were more than 5k stores and even more people. You could not even walk without touching someone else. Whenever you wanted to check out a store, you could expect to lose the person you’re with.¬†After the market, we visited China Town, which also had lots of markets.

Yesterday, I visited Bangkok again. First going to Lumpinee Park, which is a beautiful park in the centre of the city. The park had this beautiful lake in the middle, on which you could hire pedal boats. Moreover, I saw a massive wild iguana for the first time in my life.

After the park, we walked around through the city, visited some skyscrapers to see the view, and went home by skytrain and bus.

Additional pictures:


Dress: Goldust Bali

Watch; My Jewellery

Flipflops:  Havaianas