Natures beauty

On my semi-last day in Bali, we went to the Kanto Lampo, a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the island. Because the waterfall had different layers stone, you could actually stand and sit in the middle of the waterfall, what created lots of beautiful pictures.

The waterfall was rather hard to find, but when we got there, it was worth it. There was even this man that wanted to be our photographer, and of course he could.

After we climbed on the Kanto Lampo, there was another waterfall if you walked a little further through the river. This waterfall looked totally different and you could not sit/stand in it. However, there was this lian close to the waterfall and I really really wanted to sit on it. The only thing was, how do I get up there? After standing on the shoulders of a friend of mine, and trying some other things, he was able to pull the lian a little down, so i could hold it and climb on it. It was amazing, and it is incredible how strong those things are.

After the waterfall, we went to a Buddha to Buddha store closeby, and we had dinner in Da Mare, which was so beautiful and really good !!


Hey everybody!

I’m Nathalie, 19 years old and living in The Netherlands. I am currently a Tourism student at Stenden University. My two biggest passions, fashion and traveling, will be featured on my blog. Thank you for visiting !

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  1. Wauw what a beautyful picture’s Nathalie not only natures beauty is a good website
    But you are also a natural beauty young lady
    Blessings TJ.

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