Hotspot: Cafe Organic Bali

Yesterday I went back to Canggu, where all the healthy food cafes are located. We settled in Cafe Organic Bali, of which you might have heard. I expected the place to be a little bigger than it actually was, but that did not say that the food would not be that good.

When we found a spot, we settled down. Looking at the menu, I did not know what I wanted to order, there were so many healthy recipes. However, I was craving a smoothie bowl for days, so I choose the Acai Coco. Which was soooo delisious!! Plus they had Ice coffee so I was super happy with this cafe. The sad thing was only that they did not have the caramel for the coffee, and as anyone who knows me knows, I love sweet coffee. Well uhm, basically everything sweet.

After lunch we walked around in  Canggu, where we found a small market with local products. It was lovely. Next, we went to some other shops to end up at the beach.

When you’re looking for a healthy spot in Bali, you should really look around in Canggu.


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