City trip: Maastricht


All the way down south in the country.

Down south in the Netherlands is a city named Maastricht. I’ve visited this place once before in my entire life since it is pretty long drive. Anyway, I wanted to visit this place once again, because I heard lots of good reviews of the place.

When talking to my friend Laura about our next city trip, Maastricht became the next stop. We basically just went shopping, since the sale had started already and that’s one of the things girls love most right? Sale? Anyhow, the city was beautifully set up, in a summerish vibe. Furthermore, I loved the bridge you had to cross when walking towards the city centre.

In Maastricht, I only bought 3 things, striped shorts which can be seen in one of my previous blogposts, a black off-shoulder top and a lace top. I bought the shorts at Stradivarius and the other 2 items at ZARA.

After shopping, I had the best froyo ever!!! It was huge, like about half a litre with so many toppings. And that for only €4,-!!!

This day, I was wearing my tennis skirt I bought in Barcelona at H&M. Furthermore, I wore a yellow top from Monki, my Puma’s and a Daniel Wellington watch. The sunglasses are from Dior.

x Nath

Walk with my dog and a new watch!

One of the things I love when I feel the day probably won’t bring anything new or interesting, is taking a walk with my dog. Preferably, in an area where there are forests and some lakes or rivers in which she can swim. Sometimes, I tend to go along with her and throw the stick so she has to swim to get it (normally she doesn’t really swim unless we throw her a stick, she is scared for the deepness of the water).

Most of the times when we are in such an area, I ask whoever is with me to take some pictures. And yes, Kyra might photobomb, but its cute. Anyhow, a couple of days ago was such a day. Unfortunately, Kyra did not feel like going for a swim, because she has been feeling ill lately and she needs to go to the vet. However, she was in for some pictures (:

This day I was wearing a top and jeans from ZARA, with flipflops from Havaiana’s. Furthermore, I was wearing my new Rolink Watch, which can be seen more clearly in the last 2 pictures.

Rolink Watches was established in 2016, by two brothers. They provide products that are stylish, custom-made, with a fair price. Featuring accessories as well as watches, they tend to grow fast. Most of their products are made out of stainless steel. Thus, the watches and accessories will remain new-looking for a long time. Unfortunately, they only have a webshop (which I know is been used a lot more lately, but still is a pity in my opinion). In the picture below you can see my watch clearer. The one I have is the ‘Silver stainless steel watch with mesh strap’. Furthermore, they only ship to the Netherlands and Belgium, but I am sure they will expand to more countries sooner or later.

xx Nath


I guess everyone loves the beach. If not for the sea, just for the smell, the view or the atmosphere.

Last week was my first true beach day of the year (I know I went to the beach in Barcelona, but it was way too cold to wear a bikini, sunbath and just chill). Luckily, in the last few weeks the weather mostly has been great up North. Since I love the beach, my mom surprised me with a daytrip to a small town in Friesland called Makkum. It was so lovely over there. They had a small boulevard witth beach bars. Furthermore, the village of Makkum was so ancient. Even though it was a village it had the Amsterdamish feeling, you know, with the canals, the high city houses.

This day, I was wearing my new bikini from Elsa and Rose. Moreover, my top was from Monki and the shorts from Stradivarius.

Fortunatey, I will have plenty of time to visit the beach soon (hopefully). Wish me luck with my exams!!

xx Nath

My first time sailing

When you live in Friesland, a province located in the North of the Netherlands, you must have tried sailing once.

I mean, of course I have been on a sailing boat before, those huuuge ones. But I had never sailed myself before. This is what I did last week when I went on a small fieldtrip in a small village called Hemelum. In my opinion, sailing is nice, when you don’t have to do it yourself. I did not know anything and it was quite hard to do for me. Fortunately, after the sailing we went paddle boarding, which I really liked. Currently, I am reading a book ‘See me – Nicholas Sparks’  and the main character likes to paddle board as well. Call me lame, but it could be a reason why I kinda wanted to paddle board, instead of power kiting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from the paddle boarding since I forgot to bring my gopro with me. Besides, I did not trust myself with my phone on the water, since my balance sucks. Gladly, I did not fall into the water.

What I really liked about the sailing school we stayed at, all the buildings were white. There were lots of boats surrounding the sailing school. Furthermore, there was this huge lake ‘the Morra lake’ super closeby. The first day of the fieldtrip we did not really do much, just some bonding games in the afternoon. This day the weather was amazingly good, which is the reason why I was wearing a skirt. The next day, when we went sailing and paddle boarding, the weather kinda sucked..

Abandoned factory

Not all abandoned places are horrorish. Before a couple of weeks ago I never went into an abandoned building (I know kinda sad haha). Anyway, it was so much fun. However, sometimes I thought there might be a killer on the loose haha.

The abandoned building I am talking about is actually an abandoned factory. Well uhm maybe not that abandoned. They restored the factory a couple of years ago and nowadays several companies are located within the factory. There are even a couple of beach volleyball fields! Although, there are companies within the building, most parts of the factory is still abandoned. For example, there is a part underground which is kind of terrifying, because there are no lights, there are blackboards over the place which are probably from last century and a lot of old chairs and other stuff which you wouldn’t expect in a factory. If I recall it correctly, there was even a boat inside of it?

Since I was so amazed by this place, I wanted to go back  and take a couple of shots. Since my roomie lives closeby this place, I asked whether she was up to it. As you can see, she was, so we went to the factory. Afterwards, we went walking towards the Waal, which is one of the main rivers in The Netherlands, where we took some other shots as well. Unfortunately, it was still cold outside since it was super windy..

This day I decided to wear my new and first mom jeans. I don’t know why I never thought of buying one, they are soooo comfy. On top of it, I was wearing a basic striped shirt from Zara. I didn’t really think of the match with my shoes to be honest, but since my feet were itching I wanted to wear my converses (in which I have custome made support soles). To create a more grungy look, I wear in some pictures my red bandana.

Happy new hair

Heeey loves!

Yesterday I’ve been to the hairdresser, which I really hate. They always cut too  much hair and you still want to be polite that you like it. However, I actually really liked my hair this time afterwards. I went to hairdresser ”La Vie” located in Leeuwarden.

Yesterday I wore a Levi’s jeans, (711 Skinny), a blouse from Beverly Beethoven, a coat which I got from my roommate, and Nikes. I have so many blue-white striped blouses, but I still love them. At first I thought it would be sooo cold going out with this outfit since I barely close a coat. However, it was so sunny and about 14 degrees I think. I am already having the spring  vibes yay.

Oh and the pictures were taken at the Tower of Pisa of Leeuwarden haha, it is called ”de Oldehove”.

xx Nath

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Outfit of the day: sweater weather


I have a new outfit of the day post for you ! Yesterday I traveled to my home town and guess what, snow everywhere. I think snow is lovely until it starts melting. Fortunately (sort of), it is still freezing in the region so the snow is still beautiful !

Today I wore a sweater dress of Beverly Beethoven. I really like sweater dresses since it is super comfy, but also fashionably acceptable. I wore the dress with a leather jacket from Zara  and with shoes from Sacha. These shoes walk like heaven.

Have a nice weekend

xx Nath

Outfit of the day: pretty in pink

Hiiii loves,

Last week I visited a good friend of mine in Breda. I’ve only been in Breda once, but not in the city centre. First, we went to a famous lunch room in Breda, named Dickens & Jones. One of my new years resolutions was to become healthier. Therefore, I ate a salad with chicken, teriyaki and avocado. It was soo delicious!!! Afterwards, we went shopping. Sadly, I haven’t scored anything.

This day I wore a pink shirt from Beverly Beethoven. Normally, I barely wear pink, but I love this salmon pink. I matched it with a basic jeans from Levi’s (711 skinny jeans). Besides, I wore my Puma basket heart patent white with it. Oh and if you were wondering, my phone case is from Richmond and Finch.

xx Nath

B-day girl


Yesterday was my 19th birthday (yay), which I celebrated with a lot of friend and family. Since it was my birthday, I felt like dressing up and yep in a  dress. It may seem that it was pretty cold in the dress, but it wasn’t at all. I wore panties with the dress.

The dog in the first picture is my lovely dog named Kyra. This is actually one of the first pictures in which she is not yawning or doing other stuff, but looking straight forward into the camera. I AM SO PROUD!

xx Nath

The dress is from: Beverly Beethoven


Outfit of the day: comfy sweater

Hey loves!

I know I haven’t posted a recent outfit post yet. This was due to the fact that I am/was on crutches from the 16th of December on. On this specific day I had surgery on my left ligament, I got a replica of a ligament. Thus, I wasn’t able to post recent outfit posts.

However, I am doing much better now and I am starting to walk on my own again (it still looks crappy, but who cares). Therefore, I went to the city centre of Leeuwarden today and made some pictures with my friend Tessa, after our Spanish presentation (which we rocked).

Today I wore a super basic look,  since it was in the middle of my exam week I didn’t feel like dressing up early (never actually, I hate mornings). Still I think a baggy sweater in a skinny jeans or mom jeans is great ! Besides, I literally love these puma shoes with the big laces, they are comfy and you can wear them with jeans or a pantalon.

Oh and check out my discount code for so aesthetic. Use FORTUNATH for 10% discount on your next order!

xx Nath

I was wearing:

Denim jacket with fur: Loavies

Oversized sweater:  Zara

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Puma