The Gilis

Life goes on in paradise 2.0, the Gili islands of Lombok.

On Friday morning we went suuuper early to the Gili islands. Since the drive to Padang Bai was about 1,5 hours and the boat trip as well, we arrived at 11 only. When arriving, I saw the brightest sea ever. It was so clear blue. I fell in love.

After getting of the boat, we had to find ourselves a cab. Or well, a horse. There were no cars or any other electronic vehicles on the island. So we went by horse to our hotel. We changed clothing, and went to the beautiful beach to chill.

On the second day of the Gilis we were planning to cycle, so that’s what we did. We cycled throughout the island and found some amazing spots. We had lunch and chilled at the beach.

Because all of the Gili islands have turtle points, we became super excited to see some turtles. This is why we went on a snorkling trip to all of the islands to spot turtles. The turtles were amazing and at a moment you could really swim with them for a couple of meters. It was incredible.

Basically all we did on the Gili islands was just chilling and checking out the island. It had such a great vibe and it truly was one of the most beautiful islands I have seen in my life.

Details: the dresses I am wearing are both from Goldust Bali, pink bikini is from Elsa and Rose and the pink bikini top with yellow bottom is from Triangl. The sport wear is from Stronger and the shorts are from Levis.

Violet Hamden

‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’

That’s what they say right? Well I definitely agree with this quote.  As you might have seen in previous blogposts or on my Instagram page, I looove watches. They are a great accessory and it is very useful (only if you don’t use your mobile phone to check the time and date).

Today I received a new watch from Violet Hamden. Violet Hamden exists for a conscious lifestyle. They want you to live your life and create memories. Currently, they have two collections, the Nowness collectiona and the Day & Night collection. Furthermore, they created a jewelry collection in which you can find several minimalistic bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These are perfect to combine with your watch. If you prefer some variety from time to time, these bracelets are interchangeable.

When you purchase a Violet Hamden, you will receive a watch (obviously). However, the watch comes with a journal in which you  can write your own stories. Just like they describe on their website ‘ You cannot catch time, we think back to a certain feeling, memory or a dream. Be aware at what time you get up in the morning, when you perform your rituals, when you meet new friends, and when you explore the world.’

Furthermore, when I hear Violet Hamden, I hear quality. The watches are hand-made by specialised watch makers with passion for their job. The quality of the material is very well. Moreover, the jewellery has been made perfect in every detail. And above all, it is fashionable and payable!

The watch I retreived was from the Nowness collection, the Nowness Rose Evening Rosegold. This collection features 7 watches. Furthermore, this collection consist of 4 different colours mesh bands. The watches of this collection are shown below. 

The Day & Night collection features 23 watches, it features 6 different colours of leather bands. The Day & Night collection shows elegance.

Currently, they have 2 kinds of bracelets, the moon and stones bracelet in either silver or gold. As shown on the pictures, I retreived the moon and stones bracelet in silver with my watch.

As said before, I chose for the Nowness Rose Evening Rosegold watch since I already own a silver watch and I was doubting before between the silver and the rosegold watch. Therefore, my decision was easily made. Furthermore, the watch shows class and fits to a huge part of my wardrobe. Thus, I find it easily to combine the watch with my clothing. The watch is lightweighted and very minimalistic, which I really love. Furthermore, the watch and bracelets come with a beautiful box with the company’s name on it. When I don’t wear the watch, I always attempt to put it back in the box.

In case you want to see and try the watch first, you can go to your local Brandfield store in Amsterdam or Groningen to discover the beauty of Violet Hamden. Of course, you can also shop them online exclusively at Brandfield or at the official Violet Hamden website.

JORD wood watch GIVEAWAY

”The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes, and your watch should tell more than time.”

As you might have noticed, i love watches, i really, really loove watches. I can’t remember the time that I went out without a watch on my wrist. It’s not that I need it to check the time, it’s just that I find it comforting having it on my wrist and in knowing that there  is still plenty of time ahead of me. When reading the above quote which can be found on the website of JORD Wood Watches, I know it really understood me.

Before I tell you about my new favorite watch, let me tell you a little bit about the company, JORD wood watches. It is a small local organization which focuses on creating modern timepieces. JORD values efficiency, experiential living and most importantly, sustainability. This means, you don’t have to sacrifice the world for another stunning timepiece. In order to create the watches, JORD uses different kind of woods, such as acacia, bamboo and maple.

JORD makes a variety between men’s and women’s watches. Although, many of them would look great on either a man or a woman. Furthermore, there is a possibility to add a personal touch to the watch.

The watch I chose is the dark sandalwood and smoke from JORD’s frankie series. As soon as I put it on, I fell in love. As you can see, it’s absolutey beautiful and minimalistic, within short time I’ve been wearing my JORD watch. It’s incredibly lightweight so it feels amazing on my wrist as well. It truly is a statement timepiece.

I would definitely reccommend a JORD watch to anyone. And if a new watch is on your wishlist or on the wishlist of someone special, today is your lucky day!

JORD and I are partnering on a giveaway, and one lucky Fortunath reader will win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD website! I know that you’re thinking, you never win giveaways.. Well, everyone who enters will receive a consolation code worth of $25 at the end of the contest! So, enter today, and be sue to share this post with your friends so they can get their $25 code too!


This contest end at 11.59PM on August 27, 2017, and both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on November 12, 2017.

I wish you all good luck!

Back in the Costa Brava

I just came home from my third holiday in Spain this year. Obviously, it was as incredible as always. This time, I visited the Costa Brava. We were staying in a rather big village called Playa d’Aro or in Catalan Platja d’Aro. Lots of people, especially the Dutch, French and Germans, visit this place within the summer months. It has a great boulevard with lots of restaurants, bars and so on. Moreover, the ‘village’ has a beautiful city centre with some typical Spanish shops such as Bershka, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Zara and so on. I was so glad since these shops belong to my faves and they all had sale!!

In this holiday, we actually did not do lots of activities. Basically everyday we went to the beach or swimming pool in order to get a tan. However, on the first two days the waves from the sea were so high that they thought it was too dangerous. Thus, they hang up the red flag. It was so much fun to go into these high waves and just lay there on our air mattress. Furthermore, some nights we went to the city centre for dinner and for some shopping. Furthermore, the night life in Platja d’Aro is great. There are several clubs with different kinds of music.

On our semi last day we went to the city of Girona. Since I already visited this place a few months ago, I showed my family around the old city. We went into the Cathedral and the Basilic of the city. At the end of the day we had some tapas for dinner. I have to say, I looove Spanish food.

Finally, our last day included a canyoning trip to the French Pyrenees. Let me explain what it actually is. You travel with a group of people, always with one or two guides, to a place with a river in the mountains. There, you climb towards the river and you will follow the water of the river. Since there is no way back, you have to jump from different heights into the water, you will slide from natural slides, and you will abseil. This is exactly what we’ve done. We saw incredible places with enormous waterfalls. The best things is, it is all natural, there are no signs of human engagement in the place and this makes it even more great.

The next morning we already went on our way back to the Netherlands. Again, we stayed the night in France.

My next trip is to Bali in a few weeks, what is yours?

xx Nath


If you have been following my Instagram page, it is likely that you noticed that I’ve visited Mallorca in the last few days.  I traveled to this beautiful island with some of my friends. However, before we arrived at the airport, it seemed that we weren’t going to make it on time to the check-in desks and gate, due to a festival at the airport. I know what you’re thinking, who the hell organizes a festival at an airport in summer break?! Well that same thing crossed our minds, while we knew there was going to be a festival close to the airport and we had to count 20 minutes more on our travel to the airport. These 20 minutes was going to change into 4 hours, until my mom and a friend of mine (the drivers) just went on the different side of the road and pass the party people. Anyhow, as you can see we made it to our flight on time.

When arriving in Mallorca, I was surprised the airport was this big. They even let you off the plane through an aviobridge. After we had our luggage back, we had to look for a cab to El Arenal, a region of the island where we were staying and which is known as the Dutch part of the island. I was surprised that it was only a 10 minute drive from the airport to our hotel. Since it was already late in the evening, we only went to get some food and check out the nightlife of the island on our first day. Surprisingly, I spotted some friends of mine. It was so much fun to see them, some of them after a long time.

On our second day we went to the beach, which was pretty close to our hotel. The weather was really good, the sun was shining all the time and it was about 32 degrees. Fortunately, the sea wasn’t that cold either. Basically, this was our entire second day.

On the third day at this beautiful island we went to the biggest aquapark of Mallorca. It was huuge with lots of waterslides. I think they had about 12 slides for adults. However, I didn’t dare to go in all of them since I am afraid of heights. In the evening we went to some clubs. Furthermore, I made the dumbest promise of my life. Which consisted of drinking beer at Mega Park, a German place in which they drink the entire day, at 10 AM after a night of clubbing. Well you can imagine coming home around 5 AM thinking about your alarm at 8.30 right.. AWFUL. When my alarm went off I felt like I was going to die, LITERALLY. When we finally made it to Mega Park I was sitting on a barstool and felt like throwing up. The worst thing was that all the Germans surrounding us ( count 200-300 people) were having fun, singing out loud with German music and enjoying beer. ENJOYING BEER AT 10AM!!! How is it even possible??? Anyway, around 11.30 we were done with the German music, the beer and just wanted to go back to bed, so that’s what we did, sleep until 2.30 PM. Around 3 we were going to Palma de Mallorca, a city on the other side of the airport, where we did some shopping and checked out the harbor.

In the last 2 days on the island we had American lunch, in a beautiful place named Betty & Sam. Everything in this place seemed like you were in an American movie. Event he waiters wore the clothing from movies. Furthermore, we went to the beach even though it was cloudy, and we went to the club for the last time. Finally, since our plane departed at 9 PM, we had the entire last day to go to the beach. This time, we went for a walk and made it to some cliffs outside of El Arenal. Lots of people jumped from the cliffs into the water, so did I. However, it seemed like I wasn’t going to do it, because I was way too afraid.


After being around the cliffs for a moment, we went back to El Arenal and had some lunch. Afterwards, we were going to the hotel to change clothing, played some games of pool and got a cab to the airport. Here we had some dinner before departure and took our flight back to the Netherlands. Fortunately, without any trouble this time (:

I am already looking forward to my next trip, this time to the Costa Brava.

Additional photos:


City trip: Maastricht


All the way down south in the country.

Down south in the Netherlands is a city named Maastricht. I’ve visited this place once before in my entire life since it is pretty long drive. Anyway, I wanted to visit this place once again, because I heard lots of good reviews of the place.

When talking to my friend Laura about our next city trip, Maastricht became the next stop. We basically just went shopping, since the sale had started already and that’s one of the things girls love most right? Sale? Anyhow, the city was beautifully set up, in a summerish vibe. Furthermore, I loved the bridge you had to cross when walking towards the city centre.

In Maastricht, I only bought 3 things, striped shorts which can be seen in one of my previous blogposts, a black off-shoulder top and a lace top. I bought the shorts at Stradivarius and the other 2 items at ZARA.

After shopping, I had the best froyo ever!!! It was huge, like about half a litre with so many toppings. And that for only €4,-!!!

This day, I was wearing my tennis skirt I bought in Barcelona at H&M. Furthermore, I wore a yellow top from Monki, my Puma’s and a Daniel Wellington watch. The sunglasses are from Dior.

x Nath

Walk with my dog and a new watch!

One of the things I love when I feel the day probably won’t bring anything new or interesting, is taking a walk with my dog. Preferably, in an area where there are forests and some lakes or rivers in which she can swim. Sometimes, I tend to go along with her and throw the stick so she has to swim to get it (normally she doesn’t really swim unless we throw her a stick, she is scared for the deepness of the water).

Most of the times when we are in such an area, I ask whoever is with me to take some pictures. And yes, Kyra might photobomb, but its cute. Anyhow, a couple of days ago was such a day. Unfortunately, Kyra did not feel like going for a swim, because she has been feeling ill lately and she needs to go to the vet. However, she was in for some pictures (:

This day I was wearing a top and jeans from ZARA, with flipflops from Havaiana’s. Furthermore, I was wearing my new Rolink Watch, which can be seen more clearly in the last 2 pictures.

Rolink Watches was established in 2016, by two brothers. They provide products that are stylish, custom-made, with a fair price. Featuring accessories as well as watches, they tend to grow fast. Most of their products are made out of stainless steel. Thus, the watches and accessories will remain new-looking for a long time. Unfortunately, they only have a webshop (which I know is been used a lot more lately, but still is a pity in my opinion). In the picture below you can see my watch clearer. The one I have is the ‘Silver stainless steel watch with mesh strap’. Furthermore, they only ship to the Netherlands and Belgium, but I am sure they will expand to more countries sooner or later.

xx Nath


I guess everyone loves the beach. If not for the sea, just for the smell, the view or the atmosphere.

Last week was my first true beach day of the year (I know I went to the beach in Barcelona, but it was way too cold to wear a bikini, sunbath and just chill). Luckily, in the last few weeks the weather mostly has been great up North. Since I love the beach, my mom surprised me with a daytrip to a small town in Friesland called Makkum. It was so lovely over there. They had a small boulevard witth beach bars. Furthermore, the village of Makkum was so ancient. Even though it was a village it had the Amsterdamish feeling, you know, with the canals, the high city houses.

This day, I was wearing my new bikini from Elsa and Rose. Moreover, my top was from Monki and the shorts from Stradivarius.

Fortunatey, I will have plenty of time to visit the beach soon (hopefully). Wish me luck with my exams!!

xx Nath

New watch alert

I certainly agree with this quote. However, I do think watches are a great accessoire. I never really used to wear watches until a couple of years ago. By that time, mobile phones were already taking over the world, which is the reason why I never really check the time on my watch. I prefer to check the time on my mobile phone.

If you follow me on Instagram (click here) you probably would have seen that I received a new watch from Daniel Wellington. I was doubting so hard between the classic petite sterling and the classic bristol. Finally, I choose for the classic bristol since friends thought it would fit me better.

Moreover, the classic bristol basically fits my entire wardrobe. As you know I love the classic vintage kinda look, which sums up the watch. I choose the gold/rosé version of the watch, because I already have a silver watch. The watch is so beautiful minimalistic! Besides, it is super thin and light weighted! Unfortunately, I had to ask my mom or someone else to lock the watch. This was due to the fact that the watch strap is from real leather, which makes it kinda rigid in the beginning. Gladly, this will be gone when you’ve wrn the watch a couple of times.

The watch is delivered in a beautiful detailed  box, including the intials of the brand. This is the same for the inside of the watch strap. In my opinion, the box is very useful, when I’m not wearing the watch, I put it in the box so I don’t lose it.

Another thing with Daniel Wellington is that if you want another strap adjusted to your watch, you can do that any time. There is this pin delivered with the watch and you can just order another strap and adjust it. How hard can it be? You can choose between a leather strap and a NATO strap. I think the NATO straps are beautiful for a basic summer outfit, which is why I am thinking about ordering one.

Do you want a Daniel Wellington watch yourself? Use the discount code  ‘Nathalieejw’ for 15% off.

xx Nath

Abandoned factory

Not all abandoned places are horrorish. Before a couple of weeks ago I never went into an abandoned building (I know kinda sad haha). Anyway, it was so much fun. However, sometimes I thought there might be a killer on the loose haha.

The abandoned building I am talking about is actually an abandoned factory. Well uhm maybe not that abandoned. They restored the factory a couple of years ago and nowadays several companies are located within the factory. There are even a couple of beach volleyball fields! Although, there are companies within the building, most parts of the factory is still abandoned. For example, there is a part underground which is kind of terrifying, because there are no lights, there are blackboards over the place which are probably from last century and a lot of old chairs and other stuff which you wouldn’t expect in a factory. If I recall it correctly, there was even a boat inside of it?

Since I was so amazed by this place, I wanted to go back  and take a couple of shots. Since my roomie lives closeby this place, I asked whether she was up to it. As you can see, she was, so we went to the factory. Afterwards, we went walking towards the Waal, which is one of the main rivers in The Netherlands, where we took some other shots as well. Unfortunately, it was still cold outside since it was super windy..

This day I decided to wear my new and first mom jeans. I don’t know why I never thought of buying one, they are soooo comfy. On top of it, I was wearing a basic striped shirt from Zara. I didn’t really think of the match with my shoes to be honest, but since my feet were itching I wanted to wear my converses (in which I have custome made support soles). To create a more grungy look, I wear in some pictures my red bandana.