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Yes Yes Yes who doesn’t like free goodies?

In the upcoming week I am going to give away a music box called ‘RockBox’ from Fresh ‘n Rebel.

Fresh ‘n Rebel is a company which provides mobile accessories. Of course they are located in one of the cities of the Netherlands that is known for its creativity, namely, Rotterdam. For its products, the company uses high quality materials, good looking and rebellious designs.

Fresh ‘n Rebel has a huge variety of mobile accessories. They sell rockboxes, headphones, chargers and selfie sticks. The rockboxes are available in several colours and designs. With every rockbox you can choose between the following colours: light grey, nude, mint, light pink, army green, sea blue, bordeaux red and dark grey. The designs they provide are;

  • Rockbox cube fabriq edition
  • Rockbox round fabriq edition
  • Rockbox slice fabriq edition
  • Rockbox brick fabriq edition
  • Rockbox fold fabriq edition
  • Rockbox chunk fabriq edition
  • Rockbox chunk

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As you can see, there is already a huuuge variety in just the rockboxes. Some of the rockboxes are shown in the picture above, but if you are interested in what every single rockbox looks like, click here. I can imagine you are wondering what rockboxes really are. Basically, they are small, wireless, music boxes. Above  that, they look stylish basically everywhere due to their colours.

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In this case, the rockbox you can win is the Rockbox brick fabriq edition, which is shown above. What should you do to win ?

  1. Go to my instagram 
  2. Follow me and @Freshnrebel 
  3. Comment + tag 2 friends on the instagram post, which you can see below
  4. Thats it !

I wish everyone good luck on winning this wonderful piece of design and music!

x Nath