Pretty Bruges

Hii everyone!

A few weeks ago, I went with university on a fieldtrip to Bruges. I love the city of Bruges, it’s still so ancient and you can see the old buildings everywhere. Another thing I loved of Bruges is that in the city centre, they still have transportation by horse and wagon.

One of the days in Bruges, we had a guided tour throughout the city.Although, the weather was shitty, it was still so much fun!  We had  an guided tour through a Belgium beer brewery (Brugse Zot) as well. To be honest, I never drink beer and I think it is disgusting. However, I did kinda like a beer called Kriek. It is sort of Radler, but instead of lemons, it is mixed with cherries. And yes in case you were wondering, I still prefer wine over beer.

I dont know if you have heard, but the Belgium chocolate is delicious. They have so many different flavours and each of them is a dream for your tongue. When you travel to Belgium once, you should really try out some of their chocolates and beers !!

In Bruges, I made a lot of pictures with one of my classmates/friends, Tessa. Some of the pictures shown below were taken by me, others by Tessa. This day I was wearing:

Denim jacket: Loavies

Sweater: Forever21

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Nike

xx Nath