You have probably noticed that I love the beach. And what do I love more than the beach? Exactly, my dog.

Since I am leaving to Bali in 2 weeks, my mom thought it was a nice idea to visit one of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands, namely Ameland. I wanted to travel to Ameland with my dog for about 3 years now and it finally happened. Now you can wonder why Ameland? Well my mom knew this island more than the others, since she visited it a couple of times. Furthermore, we considered the distance too.

To be honest I did not remember anything from the island anymore. I only visited it about 13 years ago once. The only thing I knew was from what I read and general knowledge. To get to the island, we took the ferry. Once there, we went to the bike rental to rent two bikes, one with a dog basket, because my little friend is getting sicker and sicker every day :(.

After we rent the bikes we went biking and my dog literally loved it. She always loves to have the wind in her hair and ears. We went biking towards the beach, which is of course everywhere, but we had to find a quiet spot so my dog could walk freely. Unfortunately the water was quite cold so we did not go for a swim..

After being at the beach for a while we went back to cycling. Afterwards we went to a terrace and had some dinner. We had dinner quite early since we had to catch the last ferry. On the way back home my dog was sleeping the entire time. Guess she had a nice time like we did.



Hey everybody!

I’m Nathalie, 19 years old and living in The Netherlands. I am currently a Tourism student at Stenden University. My two biggest passions, fashion and traveling, will be featured on my blog. Thank you for visiting !

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