A day in France

You might have noticed, I love traveling. I have been in The Netherlands for only 3 days and am already back to traveling to Spain. This time the destination is not an island, but the main land, namely the Costa Brava.

To get to the Costa Brava, we have to travel through different countries. Starting with Germany. The entire trip through Germany I was asleep, so I barely saw anything from the country. I did not mind that I didn’t see anything, because it is basically all the same, at first just like the Netherlands, and later on it has a few hills. The next country was Luxembourg. We stopped in the middle of Luxembourg for a sandwich. I got to drive shotgun in France. I literally love the country. It has this romantic, ancient vibe which is super cute. Furthermore, the landscape is extremely beautiful.

Arriving in the middle of the country to our B & B, after again, a powernap. I was surprised that the B&B was an ancient villa. When entering the building, there was this great dinner room, which gave me this Napoleon feeling (I have no idea how to describe it in any other way). A little french man walked up to us and tried to speak in English, it was hard, but we understood him. He led us to our rooms. One consisting of a canopy bed, furnished with some old furniture. The other room was upstairs, which is seen in the picture below. This room was more ‘modern’ furnished which I really liked. Both rooms featured a modern bathroom with a rainshower.

It was kinda sad that we didn’t have enough time to explore the area a bit, due to our next journey to Spain tomorrow. However, I will definitely visit the country many times more.



Hey everybody!

I’m Nathalie, 19 years old and living in The Netherlands. I am currently a Tourism student at Stenden University. My two biggest passions, fashion and traveling, will be featured on my blog. Thank you for visiting !

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