A day in France

You might have noticed, I love traveling. I have been in The Netherlands for only 3 days and am already back to traveling to Spain. This time the destination is not an island, but the main land, namely the Costa Brava.

To get to the Costa Brava, we have to travel through different countries. Starting with Germany. The entire trip through Germany I was asleep, so I barely saw anything from the country. I did not mind that I didn’t see anything, because it is basically all the same, at first just like the Netherlands, and later on it has a few hills. The next country was Luxembourg. We stopped in the middle of Luxembourg for a sandwich. I got to drive shotgun in France. I literally love the country. It has this romantic, ancient vibe which is super cute. Furthermore, the landscape is extremely beautiful.

Arriving in the middle of the country to our B & B, after again, a powernap. I was surprised that the B&B was an ancient villa. When entering the building, there was this great dinner room, which gave me this Napoleon feeling (I have no idea how to describe it in any other way). A little french man walked up to us and tried to speak in English, it was hard, but we understood him. He led us to our rooms. One consisting of a canopy bed, furnished with some old furniture. The other room was upstairs, which is seen in the picture below. This room was more ‘modern’ furnished which I really liked. Both rooms featured a modern bathroom with a rainshower.

It was kinda sad that we didn’t have enough time to explore the area a bit, due to our next journey to Spain tomorrow. However, I will definitely visit the country many times more.



If you have been following my Instagram page, it is likely that you noticed that I’ve visited Mallorca in the last few days.  I traveled to this beautiful island with some of my friends. However, before we arrived at the airport, it seemed that we weren’t going to make it on time to the check-in desks and gate, due to a festival at the airport. I know what you’re thinking, who the hell organizes a festival at an airport in summer break?! Well that same thing crossed our minds, while we knew there was going to be a festival close to the airport and we had to count 20 minutes more on our travel to the airport. These 20 minutes was going to change into 4 hours, until my mom and a friend of mine (the drivers) just went on the different side of the road and pass the party people. Anyhow, as you can see we made it to our flight on time.

When arriving in Mallorca, I was surprised the airport was this big. They even let you off the plane through an aviobridge. After we had our luggage back, we had to look for a cab to El Arenal, a region of the island where we were staying and which is known as the Dutch part of the island. I was surprised that it was only a 10 minute drive from the airport to our hotel. Since it was already late in the evening, we only went to get some food and check out the nightlife of the island on our first day. Surprisingly, I spotted some friends of mine. It was so much fun to see them, some of them after a long time.

On our second day we went to the beach, which was pretty close to our hotel. The weather was really good, the sun was shining all the time and it was about 32 degrees. Fortunately, the sea wasn’t that cold either. Basically, this was our entire second day.

On the third day at this beautiful island we went to the biggest aquapark of Mallorca. It was huuge with lots of waterslides. I think they had about 12 slides for adults. However, I didn’t dare to go in all of them since I am afraid of heights. In the evening we went to some clubs. Furthermore, I made the dumbest promise of my life. Which consisted of drinking beer at Mega Park, a German place in which they drink the entire day, at 10 AM after a night of clubbing. Well you can imagine coming home around 5 AM thinking about your alarm at 8.30 right.. AWFUL. When my alarm went off I felt like I was going to die, LITERALLY. When we finally made it to Mega Park I was sitting on a barstool and felt like throwing up. The worst thing was that all the Germans surrounding us ( count 200-300 people) were having fun, singing out loud with German music and enjoying beer. ENJOYING BEER AT 10AM!!! How is it even possible??? Anyway, around 11.30 we were done with the German music, the beer and just wanted to go back to bed, so that’s what we did, sleep until 2.30 PM. Around 3 we were going to Palma de Mallorca, a city on the other side of the airport, where we did some shopping and checked out the harbor.

In the last 2 days on the island we had American lunch, in a beautiful place named Betty & Sam. Everything in this place seemed like you were in an American movie. Event he waiters wore the clothing from movies. Furthermore, we went to the beach even though it was cloudy, and we went to the club for the last time. Finally, since our plane departed at 9 PM, we had the entire last day to go to the beach. This time, we went for a walk and made it to some cliffs outside of El Arenal. Lots of people jumped from the cliffs into the water, so did I. However, it seemed like I wasn’t going to do it, because I was way too afraid.


After being around the cliffs for a moment, we went back to El Arenal and had some lunch. Afterwards, we were going to the hotel to change clothing, played some games of pool and got a cab to the airport. Here we had some dinner before departure and took our flight back to the Netherlands. Fortunately, without any trouble this time (:

I am already looking forward to my next trip, this time to the Costa Brava.

Additional photos:


City trip: Maastricht


All the way down south in the country.

Down south in the Netherlands is a city named Maastricht. I’ve visited this place once before in my entire life since it is pretty long drive. Anyway, I wanted to visit this place once again, because I heard lots of good reviews of the place.

When talking to my friend Laura about our next city trip, Maastricht became the next stop. We basically just went shopping, since the sale had started already and that’s one of the things girls love most right? Sale? Anyhow, the city was beautifully set up, in a summerish vibe. Furthermore, I loved the bridge you had to cross when walking towards the city centre.

In Maastricht, I only bought 3 things, striped shorts which can be seen in one of my previous blogposts, a black off-shoulder top and a lace top. I bought the shorts at Stradivarius and the other 2 items at ZARA.

After shopping, I had the best froyo ever!!! It was huge, like about half a litre with so many toppings. And that for only €4,-!!!

This day, I was wearing my tennis skirt I bought in Barcelona at H&M. Furthermore, I wore a yellow top from Monki, my Puma’s and a Daniel Wellington watch. The sunglasses are from Dior.

x Nath

Walk with my dog and a new watch!

One of the things I love when I feel the day probably won’t bring anything new or interesting, is taking a walk with my dog. Preferably, in an area where there are forests and some lakes or rivers in which she can swim. Sometimes, I tend to go along with her and throw the stick so she has to swim to get it (normally she doesn’t really swim unless we throw her a stick, she is scared for the deepness of the water).

Most of the times when we are in such an area, I ask whoever is with me to take some pictures. And yes, Kyra might photobomb, but its cute. Anyhow, a couple of days ago was such a day. Unfortunately, Kyra did not feel like going for a swim, because she has been feeling ill lately and she needs to go to the vet. However, she was in for some pictures (:

This day I was wearing a top and jeans from ZARA, with flipflops from Havaiana’s. Furthermore, I was wearing my new Rolink Watch, which can be seen more clearly in the last 2 pictures.

Rolink Watches was established in 2016, by two brothers. They provide products that are stylish, custom-made, with a fair price. Featuring accessories as well as watches, they tend to grow fast. Most of their products are made out of stainless steel. Thus, the watches and accessories will remain new-looking for a long time. Unfortunately, they only have a webshop (which I know is been used a lot more lately, but still is a pity in my opinion). In the picture below you can see my watch clearer. The one I have is the ‘Silver stainless steel watch with mesh strap’. Furthermore, they only ship to the Netherlands and Belgium, but I am sure they will expand to more countries sooner or later.

xx Nath