I guess everyone loves the beach. If not for the sea, just for the smell, the view or the atmosphere.

Last week was my first true beach day of the year (I know I went to the beach in Barcelona, but it was way too cold to wear a bikini, sunbath and just chill). Luckily, in the last few weeks the weather mostly has been great up North. Since I love the beach, my mom surprised me with a daytrip to a small town in Friesland called Makkum. It was so lovely over there. They had a small boulevard witth beach bars. Furthermore, the village of Makkum was so ancient. Even though it was a village it had the Amsterdamish feeling, you know, with the canals, the high city houses.

This day, I was wearing my new bikini from Elsa and Rose. Moreover, my top was from Monki and the shorts from Stradivarius.

Fortunatey, I will have plenty of time to visit the beach soon (hopefully). Wish me luck with my exams!!

xx Nath