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Yes Yes Yes who doesn’t like free goodies?

In the upcoming week I am going to give away a music box called ‘RockBox’ from Fresh ‘n Rebel.

Fresh ‘n Rebel is a company which provides mobile accessories. Of course they are located in one of the cities of the Netherlands that is known for its creativity, namely, Rotterdam. For its products, the company uses high quality materials, good looking and rebellious designs.

Fresh ‘n Rebel has a huge variety of mobile accessories. They sell rockboxes, headphones, chargers and selfie sticks. The rockboxes are available in several colours and designs. With every rockbox you can choose between the following colours: light grey, nude, mint, light pink, army green, sea blue, bordeaux red and dark grey. The designs they provide are;

  • Rockbox cube fabriq edition
  • Rockbox round fabriq edition
  • Rockbox slice fabriq edition
  • Rockbox brick fabriq edition
  • Rockbox fold fabriq edition
  • Rockbox chunk fabriq edition
  • Rockbox chunk

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As you can see, there is already a huuuge variety in just the rockboxes. Some of the rockboxes are shown in the picture above, but if you are interested in what every single rockbox looks like, click here. I can imagine you are wondering what rockboxes really are. Basically, they are small, wireless, music boxes. Above  that, they look stylish basically everywhere due to their colours.

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In this case, the rockbox you can win is the Rockbox brick fabriq edition, which is shown above. What should you do to win ?

  1. Go to my instagram 
  2. Follow me and @Freshnrebel 
  3. Comment + tag 2 friends on the instagram post, which you can see below
  4. Thats it !

I wish everyone good luck on winning this wonderful piece of design and music!

x Nath

My first time sailing

When you live in Friesland, a province located in the North of the Netherlands, you must have tried sailing once.

I mean, of course I have been on a sailing boat before, those huuuge ones. But I had never sailed myself before. This is what I did last week when I went on a small fieldtrip in a small village called Hemelum. In my opinion, sailing is nice, when you don’t have to do it yourself. I did not know anything and it was quite hard to do for me. Fortunately, after the sailing we went paddle boarding, which I really liked. Currently, I am reading a book ‘See me – Nicholas Sparks’  and the main character likes to paddle board as well. Call me lame, but it could be a reason why I kinda wanted to paddle board, instead of power kiting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from the paddle boarding since I forgot to bring my gopro with me. Besides, I did not trust myself with my phone on the water, since my balance sucks. Gladly, I did not fall into the water.

What I really liked about the sailing school we stayed at, all the buildings were white. There were lots of boats surrounding the sailing school. Furthermore, there was this huge lake ‘the Morra lake’ super closeby. The first day of the fieldtrip we did not really do much, just some bonding games in the afternoon. This day the weather was amazingly good, which is the reason why I was wearing a skirt. The next day, when we went sailing and paddle boarding, the weather kinda sucked..

Beauty Box

Of course, true beauty comes within. However, I think almost every girl would like to feel beautiful as well. I am not saying that you should wear make-up to feel beautiful (definitely not true), make-up just helps me to make me feel more beautiful. However, most of the time I’m not wearing that much of make-up, mostly it is just some mascara and some eyebrow powder. To be honest, I’m not really that good at doing make-up haha.

Fortunately, since I do like to do my make-up for some occasions, I retrieved the May beauty box of Beauty box NL. The box included:

  • Affect – Colour Attack Matt Eyeshadow
  • Blèzi Cosmetics – Automatic Lipliner Raspberry Red
  • Lord & Berry – Magic Brow Pencil
  • Paul Yacomine – Micro Treatment Oil 25ML
  • Lord & Berry – Cream Gentle Cleanser 125M

Moreover, the box included a folder in which you could find information about the products as well. For me, it was very convincing that the Magic Brow Pencil is actually a two coloured pencil, which is why it gives your eyebrows a natural look. Plus the pencil is a pencil on one side and a brush on the other side ( how useful). I had to try it out immediately, and fell in love with the result. It was super easy to put on, and the colour suited me.

The Magic Brow Pencil is definitely my favourite product out of the box, I use it daily. However, I also love the matt eye shadow, since it gives a natural touch on your look. I literally love eye shadow, and it’s lovely that I can combine the Colour Attack Matt Eyeshadow with all the other eye shadows I already own.

I think if you ask someone around me what an addiction is to me, they would respond or social media or labello/lipstick. I literally put it on every hour, sometimes even more. That might also be the reason why I love the Automatic Lipliner Raspberry Red from Blèzi Cosmetics so much. I just wear too much labello and lipstick. Since the colour is raspberry red, it fits to a lot of my lipsticks.

Hairlovers know that they should take care of their hair. Since someone cut my hair a couple of weeks ago (about 7 cm!!!!) I am really careful with my hair. I sleep on satin pillows, use castor oil, as well as hair masks to stimulate a faster growth of my hair (I know a lot of people don’t believe in this, but why not give it a try?). This is also the reason why I was very happy with the Micro Treatment Oil of Paul Yacomine, it is just healthy oil for your hair and gives your hair a natural glow which I really like. In case you were wondering, I don’t use all the hair products mentioned above at once, it just depends on the day, but normally I use one or two of them.

The last product I mentioned was the Cream Gentle Cleanser from Lord & Berry. I always wash my face even if I went to the club and am too drunk or too tired to do it. It’s just a must. I feel disgusting when I don’t wash my face at the end of the day. Therefore, this product was very useful. It washed your face easily and I loved the feeling after my face was all clean!

xx Nath


New watch alert

I certainly agree with this quote. However, I do think watches are a great accessoire. I never really used to wear watches until a couple of years ago. By that time, mobile phones were already taking over the world, which is the reason why I never really check the time on my watch. I prefer to check the time on my mobile phone.

If you follow me on Instagram (click here) you probably would have seen that I received a new watch from Daniel Wellington. I was doubting so hard between the classic petite sterling and the classic bristol. Finally, I choose for the classic bristol since friends thought it would fit me better.

Moreover, the classic bristol basically fits my entire wardrobe. As you know I love the classic vintage kinda look, which sums up the watch. I choose the gold/rosé version of the watch, because I already have a silver watch. The watch is so beautiful minimalistic! Besides, it is super thin and light weighted! Unfortunately, I had to ask my mom or someone else to lock the watch. This was due to the fact that the watch strap is from real leather, which makes it kinda rigid in the beginning. Gladly, this will be gone when you’ve wrn the watch a couple of times.

The watch is delivered in a beautiful detailed  box, including the intials of the brand. This is the same for the inside of the watch strap. In my opinion, the box is very useful, when I’m not wearing the watch, I put it in the box so I don’t lose it.

Another thing with Daniel Wellington is that if you want another strap adjusted to your watch, you can do that any time. There is this pin delivered with the watch and you can just order another strap and adjust it. How hard can it be? You can choose between a leather strap and a NATO strap. I think the NATO straps are beautiful for a basic summer outfit, which is why I am thinking about ordering one.

Do you want a Daniel Wellington watch yourself? Use the discount code  ‘Nathalieejw’ for 15% off.

xx Nath