Abandoned factory

Not all abandoned places are horrorish. Before a couple of weeks ago I never went into an abandoned building (I know kinda sad haha). Anyway, it was so much fun. However, sometimes I thought there might be a killer on the loose haha.

The abandoned building I am talking about is actually an abandoned factory. Well uhm maybe not that abandoned. They restored the factory a couple of years ago and nowadays several companies are located within the factory. There are even a couple of beach volleyball fields! Although, there are companies within the building, most parts of the factory is still abandoned. For example, there is a part underground which is kind of terrifying, because there are no lights, there are blackboards over the place which are probably from last century and a lot of old chairs and other stuff which you wouldn’t expect in a factory. If I recall it correctly, there was even a boat inside of it?

Since I was so amazed by this place, I wanted to go back  and take a couple of shots. Since my roomie lives closeby this place, I asked whether she was up to it. As you can see, she was, so we went to the factory. Afterwards, we went walking towards the Waal, which is one of the main rivers in The Netherlands, where we took some other shots as well. Unfortunately, it was still cold outside since it was super windy..

This day I decided to wear my new and first mom jeans. I don’t know why I never thought of buying one, they are soooo comfy. On top of it, I was wearing a basic striped shirt from Zara. I didn’t really think of the match with my shoes to be honest, but since my feet were itching I wanted to wear my converses (in which I have custome made support soles). To create a more grungy look, I wear in some pictures my red bandana.

My top 10 travel destinations

Most of us have the desire to travel. Most of the times I traveled, it was within Europe. Sometimes I traveled by air, other times by car. However, I have find myself looking for travel destinations worldwide. Here you can find my top 10 travel destinations.  I have to say, some of them are famous, others rather unknown.

  1. The Lofoten Islands, Norway

Starting with the Lofoten Islands in Norway. This is actually a destination i have discovered recently, due to an assignment for uni. I was amazed by the Northern lights on the islands, which i have wanted to see for ages now (I know I am only 19, but still). Furthermore, since the islands are rather unknown, it gives me a calm feeling which you sometimes need. You can go on whale watching trips or just enjoy the nature. Oh and before I forget, the houses (or wooden cabins) are so adorable in this place.

2. Thailand

Okay I know the country is big, but I would still love to go to Thailand and discover the country (I am actually going in November yay!). The main reason I put Thailand in my top 10 destinations is because of the fact that I once saw a documentary about the island of Koh Pangang, which most of you would know from the full moon party. However, before the discovery of this island by tourists, no one got here except locals and inhabitants of the island. Currently, the island is overcrowded with tourists and from my point of view it is kinda disappointing… Long story short, I would like to discover any other small islands which are not to barely known under tourists and just discover the area and culture.

3. Marrakech, Morocco

So the reason I want to go here is different than the ones before. I know a couple of people who went to this place and for some reason it looks so exciting. I love the desert and the architecture of the Moroccans. And again, I am interested in the Moroccan culture. Plus they have those cute markets in which they sell local products. However, below you see a picture of the Majorelle Garden, or how I prefer to call it the Yves Saint Laurent Garden. I think this place is a must-see and it might have influenced my opinion about Marrakech, and above all be the main reason why I want to travel to this place.

4. Hawaii, USA

Since I was a little kid, I wanted to visit Hawaii, which might have been because of the fact that I always watched Rocket Power (don’t judge) and since then wanted to surf. The weather in Hawaii is almost always good. Moreover it seems that the islands are all about beaches, fun and surfing. Luckily, I am going to learn how to surf in a couple of months, so who knows I might even do it in Hawaii one day.

5. Lake Hillier, Australia

I think everyone has heard of this lake or seen a picture of it. I would love to visit this place, because I am just too amazed by the creations of nature. Why is there a pink lake? But not a purple one? Who knows, but I definitely  want to see this creations with my own eyes. Could you even imagine swimming in it? I certainly don’t.

6. Iguazu Waterfalls, Brazil and Argentina

I have wanted to travel to Latino-America for a while since everything is so different than from what I am used to. I never heard fo these waterfalls, but it certainly is breath-taking. Normally, I am not that much into waterfalls. Like I never wanted to visit Niagra falls, but I guess there is an exception for evereything (:.

7. Maly Semyachik, Russia

This place is basically a volcano which is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Why the hell won’t there be a turquoise lake on top of the volcano? I think I’ve already proven my point why this place is in my top 10 huh?

8. Zhangye Danxia, China

These mountains are actually created by sandstone, which gives an amazing view to the landscape. I would love to take a walk in this area. It looks like it is just one big painting. One word: breath-taking.

9. The Putra Mosque, Malasya

As you probably already noticed, I really love cultural differences. This mosque is just so beautiful and I think it would be an honor to visit the mosque from the inside. Besides, the surrounding water creates a great look for the mosque.

10. Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Okay the reason why I want to visit the beach in this place is just shitty, but let’s get over it. I want to go here, because I loved the movie ‘The Beach’, starring Leonardi Di Caprio (who is one of my fav actors worldwide). In the movie I already thought that it was one heaven of a beach. Plus the island is great too!

I hope I will visit all of these places in my life, and that I might have inspired you to travel to one of these places too !


Nath x