My last 2 days in Barcelona

Every dream ends right? So does my trip to dream city. The weather on my last 2 days was sooo good, I don’t even want to think about the temperature in The Netherlands right now..

On my semi last day in this city I went to the beach with 2 of my friends. I was sooo excited, because the weather was so nice and i LOVE the beach and its palm trees (I think I already made that clear). We basically watched volleyball games and went for a big walk on the bazar. After that we went to a cactus garden. The cactuses were huge and so gorgeous. Some of them even had their natural flowers. How do they even maintain those cactuses while I can’t even take care of my baby cactuses?..

Since the weather was so good, I wanted to wear my new dress, which I bought the day before at Pull and Bear. I thought the dress was so adorable with its bell sleeves, and also the colour was gorgeous.

On my last day in this beautiful city I finally visited Plaça d’Espanya. I wanted to go here since the beginning of my trip, when I crossed the square. I barely remembered what it looked like, but I knew that it was gorgeous. Plaça d’Espanya has a beautiful palace which is currently a museum. The palace is surrounded by beautiful fountains and parks. Besides, the Olympic park is so close to it. We just walked around the parks and visited the Olympic Park where we actually saw Stephen James ( I don’t know if you know him but still). I didn’t know him until yesterday, when a friend of mine told me she was obsessed with him. Sadly, she wasn’t with me this day so she couldn’t meet him.

Of course, the weather was still great so I wanted to wear shorts. I just wanted to have a basic look for the day, because I didn’t really feel like dressing up.

Sadly, this was the ending of an amazing holiday in a dream city. I will definitely go back to this place any time soon.



Barcelona and Lloret de Mar

When I think of the Costa Brava, Barcelona pops up into my mind. However, for some of the party people Lloret de Mar might pop up. I know I haven’t posted my fourth day in Barcelona, which was because I went to Lloret de Mar and didn’t bring my laptop. Anyway, as I already said before, Park Güell is a highlight of Barcelona. So, on the fourth day of my stay in Barcelona, we went to the park. The bus drive to Park Güell took a while, which was unexpected. I thought it was more close to the city centre. However, when we entered the park, I was amazed by its beauty. The park has a lot of ancient buildings, but also the buildings from Gaudí are there. I have to admit, I love the work Gaudí did. Besides the gorgeous architecture, the view from the top of Park Güell was amazing. You could literally see the entire city!

Close to Park Güell are the bunkers. The bunkers are not really known by tourists, which is a good thing, because it was already crowded by the locals. The bunkers are located even higher than Park Güell, and you can see both sides of the city, the city and the ‘ suburb’ .  I watched the sunset at this place, which was amazing. I think it was one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The weather on this day was sooo good, so I decided to put on, as optimistic as I am, a skirt. However, I didn’t want to be underdressed so  I combined it with one of my favourite sweaters. Still, at the bunkers it was quite cold, but well, we gotta survive don’t we?

The next day I went to Lloret de Mar, because I had a fieldtrip of uni in that place. It was fun to see everyone again in another place than the Netherlands. We actually didn’t really do anything in Lloret than the usual. Our fieldtrip included other things such as a tour through the Costa Brava, visiting Girona, doing research in Besalú and of course, visiting Barcelona. On the first day we went on a bus tour through the Costa Brava, with various stops in different places. For example, we visited a cheesery and visited the lake of Banyoles. Besides that, we visited small villages like Monells and Santa Pau. Luckily, the weather on this day was the worst since I have been in Spain.

On the second day we went to Girona. At first I only knew the city of its airport, but the old city centre is lovely. Additionally, some might know the city by Game of Thrones (I don’t watch it). At first we went to the University of Girona, where we had an interesting, but boring lecture about stakeholders in Spain. I think this was actually one of the first lectures I was attending to this year. After the lecture, we had a guided tour through the old city centre. Of course everyone was looking forward to go to the building and stairs of Game of Thrones. The city of Girona has next to its old city centre, a very modern part.

On the third day we visited a small winery and tasted wine there. The winery was so cute and the wine tasted so good. It was so rich of flavours and it smelled so good! After the wine tasting (yep in the morning) we went for lunch in a famous holiday destination called Roses or in Catalán, Rosas. We had lunch at the beach which was filled with palm trees. In the afternoon we visited the museum of Dalí. I have to say, Mr. Dalí was an interesting man. Our guide showed us the way he saw things which was so interesting. He really thought of things in a different, somewhat strange, way which was extraordinary. Every artwork he made had an underlying meaning.

The schedule for the next day was Besalú, a small village in Catalunya. The village had so much histrory which was beautiful to see. The streets were narrow, barely any cars were driving there and the hills within the village created a good atmosphere around the place. To get to the village, you had to cross an old bridge. For me the most beautiful part of the village was that there were barely any tourists around. I think tourism destroys the unique atmosphere a place has, but in this case it was still there.

On Friday, the last day of our fieldtrip we went to my favourite city again. First we had free time to do whatever we wanted, which was obviously shopping and going for lunch. Around 1PM we had a bike tour through the city, which was so lovely. On our bike we visited both houses of Gaudí, La Sagrada Familia, El Arc de Triompf, the beach and the old city. Although, I already visited all of those places, it was still fun to do. The rules for cycling are way different than in The Netherlands so sometimes I just felt that the police were after us. After the bike tour I went to my friends place again, and here I am, enjoying my last few days  in this beautiful, lovely city.

Day 2 and 3

When you think about Barcelona, a couple of things pop up in your mind, like the Sagrada Familia, the building of Gaudí, the Camp Nou stadium and Park Güell. Yesterday, we woke up at 1pm, we were actually in shock that it was already 1 o’clock. My friends roomie came to wake us up at 10am for a brunch, but who brunches at 10 in the morning?! Of course, we couldn’t get out of bed since we were clubbing at night and went to bed around 6..

Anyway, after we were all dressed up it was already 2.30. Luckily, my friend lives suuper close to the Sagrada Familia, which we planned on visiting that day. When we came there I was amazed by the building, it was so beautiful, but to be honest I thought they were done with renovating the building by now. We had late lunch at the park next to the Sagrada. Afterwards, we went to the back of the Sagrada to check the other park.

Besides the Sagrada, we visited the building of Gaudí. To be honest, I thought the building was rare, but I prefered the Sagrada cause it was way more beyond. We didn’t go inside in either of the buildings, that might be the reason that I prefered the Sagrada too. After visiting the building, we started shopping again (I still wanted the white bralette). And guess what, NOWHERE to be found.

Basically, our second day was pretty short. We went home after shopping and we were just chilling at home. Around midnight we decided that we wanted to go out and so we did. I was so surprised by how many promoters the city has, really it is insane.

On the third day, my friend and I were exhausted of the clubbing for 2 days. So obviously, we woke up late. I think it was about 3 o’clock when we got out of the house and had a late lunch. We had lunch in Flax & Kale, it was located close to the university. The place was so beautiful with a rooftop terrace. Moreover, the place is perfect for vegetarians. After lunch we were headed to the beach, because on this day the weather would be the best in the time I would be around. Of course, we were being huuuge optimists, wearing summer tops, but it was kinda cold. Later that day we went home to rest early, because we would visit a club at night again.

On Thursday I wore my Levi’s jeans with a casual off the shoulder top from a store I don’t remember to be honest. Moreover, I did an outfit change on the middle of the day. The second part of the day I wore a Zara outfit. Literally everything, except the jeans was from Zara. On Friday I wore my Blair Waldorf top from H&M with a Levi’s jeans too. I added converses to the outfit, because I didn’t bring flip-flops, but still wanted to feel the sand of the beach between my toes. I figured that they were the easiest. Oh and my sunglasses are from the Mango.


My first day in Barcelona

Have you ever visited Barcelona?

2 years ago, I visited the city with a friend of mine. However, it was just a day trip, so we weren’t really able to see the city like we would’ve wanted. Currently, my best friend Salma is doing her internship in Barcelona, and since I had to be in Lloret de Mar in a week anyways, I thought, why not visit her?

On Tuesday I planned my flight to Barcelona from Schiphol, at around 9.30 pm. I already knew this was a late flight, but I had to go to uni earlier that day. Besides, I wanted to get there ASAP, since the weather is way better there than in The Netherlands. I got out of class earlier than expected and went to the airport. At around 6, I got at the airport and went to the duty free part of Schiphol. Once there, I was really bored so I bought a book and read basically the entire time at the airport (I wanted to safe my battery to watch Riverdale on the plane). At the moment I wanted to go to the gate, it was still early but still, I saw that my flight had a delay of an hour. It basically pissed me off a lot, because I had to take the metro to my friends place, and since it was delayed I couldn’t be there on time. Anyway, I still went to the gate and there were tons of people already, waiting on the plane to departure. After like 5 minutes there was this woman who said the flight was delayed till 11.00 pm. I was soooo mad, but obviously there was nothing that you could do about it. Luckily, there was this girl who would be picked up by her cousin and they lived in a village near the city. She offered me that they would bring me home, which was soooo nice of them!! Finally, when i got at my friends place, it was about 2.30 am. I was so tired of the entire day that we went straight to bed.

The next day we had planned to visit the Arc de Triompf, which was closeby. The building was so beautiful and there were a lot of tourists around. We also visited Parc de la Ciutadella which was close to the Arc. The parc was lovely, with a beautiful building and a fountain. Beside that, we went to the city, because I wanted to find a white bralette, like a beautiful one. It was so hard to find, I mean that had those odd colors, but didn’t have white. How could you not sell a white bralette??? Still, I haven’t find the right one.. Anyway, we visited a market in the city, where I bought my first dragon fruit ever. To be honest, I think it tastes like kiwi. Later on, we visited the harbor, (El Gòtic). Where we went shopping more on and after that we left to the house and went out clubbing with my friends roomies and friends.

Since the weather in Barcelona was really good, about 20 degrees, I just wore a T-shirt from Levi’s. With that, I wore my new hat which I bought 2 days before my travel, in a local fashion store in my hometown. The clutch is from mango, and the skirt is from H&M. I’ve had both of them for ages, but I still love them. The shoes I wore are from Puma. Of course, I didn’t wear these clothes to the club at night.

Fashion week: Elie Saab recap

As you already know, fashion month is here. Today was Elie Saab’s FW17/18 fashion show in Paris. There is a reason why Elie Saab is a regular on the red carpet. The man knows his ways around a beautiful evening look. For this show, Saab pulled out all of the stops, presenting a range with intricate embroidery, luxe fabrics, and high-shine embellishment, in most likely dark colours. In both of the shows of Elie Saab, there were enough sheer options to keep celebrities showing off their well-toned bums for the coming year.

In the other fashion show of Elie Saab earlier this year (SS17/18), you could see a lot of lace and fur too. For this show, Saab presented a rang with intricate embroidery, luxe fabrics and high-shine embellishment as well, all rendered in rich shades of blue and gold. If nude has come passé, no one has told Mr. Saab.  Fortunately, Saab also caters to his more modest clientele, offering formal looks with sleeves, pants, and covered décolletage. Below, you can find my fashion show favourites of both shows.

Nath xx

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elie saab fw 17/18

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elie saab fw 17/18

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elie saab fw 17/18

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