Outfit of the day: comfy sweater

Hey loves!

I know I haven’t posted a recent outfit post yet. This was due to the fact that I am/was on crutches from the 16th of December on. On this specific day I had surgery on my left ligament, I got a replica of a ligament. Thus, I wasn’t able to post recent outfit posts.

However, I am doing much better now and I am starting to walk on my own again (it still looks crappy, but who cares). Therefore, I went to the city centre of Leeuwarden today and made some pictures with my friend Tessa, after our Spanish presentation (which we rocked).

Today I wore a super basic look,  since it was in the middle of my exam week I didn’t feel like dressing up early (never actually, I hate mornings). Still I think a baggy sweater in a skinny jeans or mom jeans is great ! Besides, I literally love these puma shoes with the big laces, they are comfy and you can wear them with jeans or a pantalon.

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xx Nath

I was wearing:

Denim jacket with fur: Loavies

Oversized sweater:  Zara

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Puma


Image result for bali highlights

Hey loves!

I know that you haven’t heard a lot from me the last week. This was due to the fact that my exams and deadlines are coming up. However, I have some exciting news.

Last week, I heard from my university that they approved my application to do my minors in Thailand and Bali (Yay). Therefore, a lot of summer pictures will be coming up from May/June on. I am sooo excited to check out the culture, fashion and gastronomy over there. If you know some highlights which are either close to Bangkok or close to Bali, please tell me !

xx Nath


Pretty Bruges

Hii everyone!

A few weeks ago, I went with university on a fieldtrip to Bruges. I love the city of Bruges, it’s still so ancient and you can see the old buildings everywhere. Another thing I loved of Bruges is that in the city centre, they still have transportation by horse and wagon.

One of the days in Bruges, we had a guided tour throughout the city.Although, the weather was shitty, it was still so much fun!  We had  an guided tour through a Belgium beer brewery (Brugse Zot) as well. To be honest, I never drink beer and I think it is disgusting. However, I did kinda like a beer called Kriek. It is sort of Radler, but instead of lemons, it is mixed with cherries. And yes in case you were wondering, I still prefer wine over beer.

I dont know if you have heard, but the Belgium chocolate is delicious. They have so many different flavours and each of them is a dream for your tongue. When you travel to Belgium once, you should really try out some of their chocolates and beers !!

In Bruges, I made a lot of pictures with one of my classmates/friends, Tessa. Some of the pictures shown below were taken by me, others by Tessa. This day I was wearing:

Denim jacket: Loavies

Sweater: Forever21

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Nike

xx Nath



Welcome to my blog

Hi babes!

Finaaally, my first post is online. I am so good at postponing things, I planned to start blogging for about a year now, yet it never happened. Until now :’-)

I would love to tell you something about myself. My name is Nathalie and I live in The Netherlands. I am 18 years old and I live in Leeuwarden, where I study Tourism, in which I share a house with my wonderful roomies (no Leeuwarden is not close to Amsterdam). First I started to have an instagram blog, but now I actually wanted a real one.

Next to blogging and taking pictures, I love travelling. Since I am a tourism student you will get to see some of the trips I have to take for my education. Those are actually a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, life is not always rise and shine and therefore, I work at a Chinese restaurant for about 2 days in the week.

A lot of people have asked me who takes my pictures. This depends on with whom I am, some pictures are taken by my mom. She actually thinks it is annoying that I always want her to take a picture. This is becasue of the fact that I am really perfectionistic and there is literally always something wrong in a picture. As an example, its too dark, my legs look fat, my eyes are closed and so further. Other pictures are taken by my roomies Lisanne and Yonne. They really love taking pictures, so its a win-win situation :’-). And yep, I do have other photographers, such as my best friend Salma, or her sister Amal.

When looking at fashion, I like classic styles, as well as vintage, street wear and sporty. You can always take a look at my lookbook or Instagram if you like to.


Below you can find my autumn look (I know its alreay January, but who cares).

Sweater: Forever21

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Boohoo

Watch: Regal